Other Products

Other Products

Smiley's Garden Furniture doesn't just create chairs, table and garden settings. We also create a large range of other products. Click a picture for a larger view.

Garden Alcove

Garden Alcoves are great for creating a featured piece in the garden. With their lattice work surrounds for training vines onto, it will harmonise well into any garden. It is available with a floating or original bench seat inside.

Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels can be made for any sized dog. Designs available include the option of a retangular, archway or curved doorway shape at the front. Assorted timbers or a single timber type can be used to create a house for your special four-legged friend.

Bird Houses

Bring native birdlife into your garden providing them with a great bird house. Mounted on a pole and placed amongst plants and shurbs you will create a great, stylish safehaven for them.

Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes can be made to any size. The can be made into centrepieces with trims in different timbers and weatherproofed clear for outdoor or indoor uses.


Shelves can be made in a range of sizes. Shown here is an example of a boot shelf. While practical can also become a stylish piece in any room.


Miniture wheelbarrows are a great novelty for your garden. They can be used as a planter box to sit in your garden bed or to sit next to your planting shed. They are also a great novelty for getting your kids involved in the gardening.

Hammock Stand

A great way to incorporate a hammock into your garden. These hammock stands can be created to hold one and two person hammocks.

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are available in a range of shapes include hexagonal and square. They can be made at different sizes and can be custom made to your garden requirements.

Potting Stand

Organise your potting and gardening possessions with a handy potting stand. There are shelves for storing your tools, fertilisers, empty pots and seeds. With a large space at a bench height to stand and pot your plants with everything in arms reach.